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Why total “professional transparency” doesn’t work – yet.

“Being transparent” is a phrase most commonly discussed in interpersonal relationships. Let me share an excerpt from a book entitled “Getting Real” which describes this concept: “Self-disclosure, synonymous with being transparent, is the ability to reveal to another person what you have done or what you are sensing, feeling, thinking, or saying to yourself at [...]

Why values are a key component for success.

Earlier this year, I came to a realization that I didn’t have a clear sense of where I was heading – both on a professional and perhaps personal level. After much research and thought, I realized that I did not have a solid understanding of my values, and because of this, my ability to make [...]

“Designers Anonymous”

The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) publishes a quarterly magazine entitled “Innovation”. In the Spring 2008 issue, Craig Badke and Stuart Walker contributed an article entitled “Designers Anonymous” which compares Western society’s consumerism with that of an addiction. After reading this article, I was able to uncover additional insights which I’ll share here. By [...]

Design Sketching.

When looking for new ID books online, I stumbled upon a book entitled “Design Sketching” and decided to purchase it. The book, written by Erik Olofsson and Klara Sjolen, is an incredible compilation of product and transportation design sketches created by students at the Umea Institute of Design in Sweden. The book starts with the [...]