July 2009
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Month July 2009

Introducing “Microcosms.”

When I created “Big Generator” late last year, I thought it would be the central place for concept development and exploration.  Since then, I’ve realized there is a “fictional” component of concept development that requires it’s own “space”.  Microcosms is designed to fulfill this need. A microcosm, as you know, is a representation of something [...]

The Fog of War.

In one of my earlier posts, I introduced the concept of “situational awareness” – a concept critical to pilots, and anyone else who needs to maintain focus and concentration in the midst of “chaos”. As alluded to in the post, when problems start to develop such that one’s situational awareness is compromised, one is left [...]

Summer Update.

Now well into the summer months, I thought it best to provide an update on some of the things I’ve been thinking about.  At this stage, I feel that this blog has passed the “tipping point” (success vs. failure) and am excited to continue this intellectual and creative journey with you. Concepts in Development “Fog [...]