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Connect to Expand.

To date, the vast majority of my personal projects have been created independently of one another.  While many of my projects have built off of one another (e.g. Microcosms was built upon the Incubator concept), there has not been a unifying link between them.  I think there is an opportunity to alter this approach to [...]

Electronica Genius.

I recently acquired Joris Voorn’s 2008 mix – “Balance” – on double CD.  In short, the compilation is simply a masterpiece of electronica and well-crafted mixes. Joris’ introduction pretty much says it all: “The process of making these mixes has been more like painting with sound rather than performing a traditional DJ-mix. “As you can [...]

Foretelling the Future.

I have been reading Isaac Asimov’s Prelude to Foundation (first published in 1988) off and on over the past several months.  I found it interesting that several passages towards the middle of the book bear a close resemblance to features found within Amazon’s Kindle: Display: “The pages aren’t blank, they’re covered with microprint.  [..]  If [...]

Media Temple.

After several months of debate, I decided to move both and (and related microsites – including this one) to a new hosting provider called Media Temple.  I came across their site at and was sold immediately after taking a closer look. I made this change this past weekend as I’m planning to [...]

“Ink” is LIVE.

As promised, the latest addition to the creative family is live.  Digital illustrations of people, objects and environments:

Perception = Reality. Really?

Once you get a label in mind, you don’t notice things that don’t fit within the categories that do make a difference.  But we pay a price for these mental shortcuts.  “The baggage that comes with labeling is the notion of the blunders, really.  It prevents you from seeing what’s clearly before your face; all [...]