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Mental Evolution I (“Realization”)

[This is part one of multi-part series related to my experiences in searching for a new career opportunity.] I read an article on CNN today which really hit home with me.  The article was about the rescue of two boys who were lost at sea for nearly two months – having recently been found by [...]

The 7’10″ Skyscraper.

I was looking through an old issue of I.D. Magazine the other day and stumbled upon an article by William Bostwick, Ian Volner, Eva Hagberg and Jesse Ashlock entitled “Toy Stories.”  I found this article interesting because it went to the heart of why designers design – at some level, it’s about play and enjoyment. [...]

The (New) Hierarchy of Needs – Part V

[This is the final segment of a five-part series on project management that is based upon Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs"] Problem Solving The next level starts to go into the core of the project - problem solving.  This is essentially what all projects are about. What is a problem?  A problem is an obstacle which [...]

ShopWell: The Next Generation of Food Consumption.

My Google search agent for “IDEO” highlighted a venture launched by the company called ShopWell.  While the site is still in early beta, I’ve signed up to take advantage of the service that ShopWell is offering – which is to ultimately help me select food choices that are right for me. While you can read [...]

Point in Time Visualizations.

I stumbled again upon the Wordle site by Jonathan Feinberg and thought it would be interesting to see what visualizations came about from both Incubator and Big Generator.  Here’s what it came up with: Incubator (November 2, 2010) Big Generator (November 2, 2010) Visualizations such as these can be extremely useful in situations where you [...]

The (New) Hierarchy of Needs – Part IV

[This is part four of a series on project management that is based upon Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs"] Accountability The next level up moves beyond this “foundation” and starts to get into the tactical level – “who’s involved and who’s accountable?”  In this layer, we build an organizational chart that shows who is involved [...]