Incubator is a non-fiction / experiential blog that is primarily focused on the generation of new ideas.  Incubator incorporates personal and professional experiences and transforms them into formal essays and narratives.

The origins of this blog are actually two-fold.  The first was to ultimately make sense of a fairly traumatic event in my life I found difficult to comprehend.  The second involved a need for a formal “landing zone” for everything that I am working on and thinking about.

As this blog has been in existence for more than a year (albeit under a different title) I have found this development opportunity to be extremely beneficial.  The process of thinking about a particular topic and then sitting down and writing about it truly boosts your ability to articulate thoughts and learn a considerable amount in a very short period of time.

While most blogs are updated daily, I’ve taken an alternative approach and only update when it makes sense to do so.

My Long-term Objectives: The first objective is to stage ideas, blend them in new ways and then find a creative outlet for them – whether that outlet is in print, photographs, illustrations or sound.  The second objective is to transform these concepts into larger publications that can be formally socialized and distributed.