Some people have asked me what I hope to gain from this blog – and while I explain some of this in a separate post, it’s important that I share some more fundamental thoughts.

I started the pursuit of analyzing my abilities and self in 1992 when I discovered a book entitled “Self Analysis”.  While I never read the book (I may do so now), I found the general concept of analyzing one’s self to better understand and improve it fascinating.  Sixteen years later, my interest in this concept has only increased.

It’s been said that “you aren’t learning unless you have a pen in your hand” – i.e. simply thinking about something isn’t going to make the idea “stick”.  You have to write your ideas down and revisit them.

This blog represents that “pen”.  It allows me to document my thoughts and ideas so that I can leverage this information in a more productive way.

I want visitors to understand more about my personality, interests and ultimately who I am.  The theory, at least, is that by increasing the level of transparency with readers, the “relationship” with them becomes that much stronger and the likelihood of sharing ideas will inevitably increase.

By sharing my thoughts and ideas – and being transparent – my hope is that readers see a person who is dedicated to their own personal and professional development and is willing to be transparent to reap the long-term rewards of stronger relationships and elicitation of new ideas.

I am by no means perfect and my thought processes are, by nature, biased based upon my experiences.  My hope is that by sharing my ideas and experiences and interacting with readers, our collective “mental model” will expand – this is my ultimate goal.

While I try my best to explain my ideas and experiences, I understand that there will be gaps.  I will always try to refine my presentation of new material to help reduce the “communication gap”.  For those that “disagree” – and I use that phrase loosely to include those that are “put off” by the nature of this blog – my hope is that the underlying message is not lost.  If you disagree with a particular idea, my hope is that you share your thoughts so that I can gain a new perspective.