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Digital Oils.

After spending a month in Modo, I decided to switch gears and experiment some in Corel Painter.  While my digital illustrations created in the summer of 2010 were created using Photoshop, I wanted to branch out into a true painting application.  While it takes some getting used to, I am really impressed with the digital [...]

Plane 9 | Phase 39

With education as the backbone to my personal and professional life, the beginning of September continues (even to this day) to symbolize a new beginning for me.  Having moved into the ninth Plane (“Exodus”) in May, September 1st signifies the start of Phase 39 and a set of revised objectives for the months ahead: Painting [...]

Preview III: “Ink”

One final preview before official work begins: This is my first attempt of a sunset with clouds overhead.  While the illustration is not photo-realistic, I think the composition is good (foreground = land, middle ground = water, background = sunset and clouds).  I am also pleased with how the colors are working together.

Preview: “Ink”

Over the past several weeks I’ve been experimenting with my new Cintiq and I am really enjoying it.  Here’s an example of one of my recent creations: I’ll post a few more examples over the next few days.

Positive Momentum.

While I unfortunately haven’t been able to spend too much time writing over the past several months, a lot has happened.  Fortunately, I am starting to see things come together the way I had originally envisioned and I am excited to convey a few key highlights here: Big Generator: Site Redesign – When I launched [...]