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Immersion: Challenges & Opportunities

Portfolio Development: My portfolio has evolved fairly well over the past several years – particularly in the graphic design arena.  The evolution from where I began and where I am today shows a clear positive trajectory.  Recent digital illustration work using the Cintiq and Photoshop also show tremendous potential.  The opportunity here is two-fold.  First, [...]

Mental Evolution III (“Lessons”)

January 1, 2011 marks the beginning of the tenth chapter (“Plane”) in the Planescape saga – a chapter I call “Immersion.”  While the details are still being mapped out, I am becoming enthusiastic about what this new framework entails. In advance of sharing more details about Immersion, I think it’s worth sharing a few things [...]

Mental Evolution I (“Realization”)

[This is part one of multi-part series related to my experiences in searching for a new career opportunity.] I read an article on CNN today which really hit home with me.  The article was about the rescue of two boys who were lost at sea for nearly two months – having recently been found by [...]

Construct to Create

Game development can be divided into two main activities – logistics and mechanics.  Logistics is about the “look and feel” and the pieces / parts that are used within the experience.  Mechanics is all about how the game works. When I was younger, I was completely intrigued with a game by Electronic Arts called “Adventure [...]


Now at the official end of 2009, I thought it best to provide an update on some of the things I’ve been working on and thinking about.  Given my experiences over the past two years and the end of an analysis cycle that spanned a similar timeframe, I am moving forward with a new sense [...]

PsG3 Regen: “Advancement Subsystems”

By defining PLANESCAPE as a “system”, it seems natural to think of it’s underlying components as “subsystems”. Subsystems are a way to “logically encapsulate” core themes essential for growth.  By aligning subsystems with my core value system, I think the Planescape “superstructure” can remain somewhat constant while still allowing for change / growth. Regen introduces [...]

Using Tag Clouds to Increase Awareness

In an effort to accelerate real progress across the board, I’ve listed twelve activities that can encapsulate where I spend most of my time and energy: (I realize that some activities naturally overlap) Drawing Reading Playing Thinking / Reflecting Creating Learning Writing Training Resting Communicating Cleaning / Organizing Recording / Documenting By periodically recording what [...]

Why total “professional transparency” doesn’t work – yet.

“Being transparent” is a phrase most commonly discussed in interpersonal relationships. Let me share an excerpt from a book entitled “Getting Real” which describes this concept: “Self-disclosure, synonymous with being transparent, is the ability to reveal to another person what you have done or what you are sensing, feeling, thinking, or saying to yourself at [...]