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The Black Box.

Over the past two years, I’ve contributed more than 100 posts spanning over 600 different subjects.  For me, writing has given me the opportunity to think about ideas, events and people in new ways.  It has also allowed me to heal. In some respect, Incubator has been a black box.  The inputs to this “black [...]

Contrast Ratio.

While the year is not yet over, 2009 has ultimately been a lesson in contrast.  In 2006 I went into a relationship with unique optimism, hope and love (marriage) to end up with feelings of terminal loss, distrust and despair (death).  Fortunately this experience has served as a catalyst to help me advance to a [...]

Dream the Impossible.

While searching for new information about Honda’s first “sports hybrid” concept vehicle (the CR-Z), I stumbled upon Honda’s new “documentary series” site – appropriately entitled “Dream the Impossible“. Not surprisingly, the films are designed to show how Honda’s culture is centered around visionary thinking.  Since this is the way I naturally think, I found the [...]