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Digital Oils.

After spending a month in Modo, I decided to switch gears and experiment some in Corel Painter.  While my digital illustrations created in the summer of 2010 were created using Photoshop, I wanted to branch out into a true painting application.  While it takes some getting used to, I am really impressed with the digital [...]

Design: “Evolution”

The (New) Hierarchy of Needs – Part II

[This is part two of a series on project management that is based upon Abraham Maslow's "Hierarchy of Needs"] Having managed projects of various sizes and complexity over the past several years, I was puzzled with the absence of “interpersonal” elements in project management literature given that the team is ultimately at the core of [...]

The (New) Hierarchy of Needs – Part I

“The real goal of any project is to have a team where each individual is striving to be the best.  If each team member can work within an environment or “operating structure”  such that they are able to realize their full potential (i.e. she/he is involved and engaged) and reach a state of “flow” (self-actualization), [...]

The Hierarchy of Needs.

In one of my earlier posts, I discussed the concept of “Flow” and how the key to achieving flow – and ultimately happiness – is being able to live a life filled with involvement and enthusiasm in all areas. In retrospect, is this reasonable given that one’s life circumstances aren’t necessarily such where “happiness” or [...]

Happiness 101.

From time to time, if I am feeling down, my family and friends will tell me to “Just be happy!”.  I have always struggled with  understanding what this really means.  This is not to say that I am not a happy person (I am), but if I am not happy, should I expend energy trying [...]

Using Tag Clouds to Increase Awareness

In an effort to accelerate real progress across the board, I’ve listed twelve activities that can encapsulate where I spend most of my time and energy: (I realize that some activities naturally overlap) Drawing Reading Playing Thinking / Reflecting Creating Learning Writing Training Resting Communicating Cleaning / Organizing Recording / Documenting By periodically recording what [...]