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The Project Survival Kit

If you were deserted on a stranded island, what three things would you take with you?  While there is no official answer to this question, you could answer this question by identifying the core fundamentals of survival – essentially, food, water and shelter.  If your three things address these needs, you have a good chance [...]

BIONIC: Control Training.

To effectively measure performance improvement over time, one needs to establish a baseline from which to work.  This baseline is captured through “control tests”.  In the Suunto Training Guidebook, it describes three such “control tests”. The first test is called Submaximal Control Training.  From the manual: “Submaximal control training allows you to measure changes in [...]

BIONIC: Advancing Physically.

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been working on the development of the third generation of PLANESCAPE – “Regen”.   While I will go into the details of this next generation in a separate post, I would like to call out a “subsystem” of that new framework – something that I call “Bionic“. Bionic is [...]

The Cafeteria.

Many years ago, a teacher shared a powerful concept with the class that has real-world meaning even today. The story goes like this: In a high-school cafeteria, you will almost always see teachers or assistants responsible for “monitoring” student activity (behavior, actions, etc.).  Students are well aware of this, and at a subconscious level they [...]

Why total “professional transparency” doesn’t work – yet.

“Being transparent” is a phrase most commonly discussed in interpersonal relationships. Let me share an excerpt from a book entitled “Getting Real” which describes this concept: “Self-disclosure, synonymous with being transparent, is the ability to reveal to another person what you have done or what you are sensing, feeling, thinking, or saying to yourself at [...]

Why values are a key component for success.

Earlier this year, I came to a realization that I didn’t have a clear sense of where I was heading – both on a professional and perhaps personal level. After much research and thought, I realized that I did not have a solid understanding of my values, and because of this, my ability to make [...]