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Digital Sculpture: City of Gold

If you have ever seen any of the Star Wars movies, you’ll see a consistent theme regardless of film: immense and seemingly infinite spaces.  In earlier episodes, the Death Star is perhaps the largest “space”, while Coruscant is the equivalent in more recent episodes. I have always been fascinated with large scale settings such as these. [...]

Additional Renders

(The first render is based upon a Modo tutorial by Andy Brown and the second is a digital sculpture using a combination of curve extrusion and cloning.)

Positive Momentum.

While I unfortunately haven’t been able to spend too much time writing over the past several months, a lot has happened.  Fortunately, I am starting to see things come together the way I had originally envisioned and I am excited to convey a few key highlights here: Big Generator: Site Redesign – When I launched [...]

New Concept Art DVDs.

When I first became aware of the Gnomon Workshop many years ago, most of my DVD purchases were focused primarily in the 3D realm.  Over the past several years, and especially now, my interest has shifted less from the computer and more towards more “traditional” art and design concepts.  Interestingly enough (and perhaps not surprisingly), [...]