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Preview III: “Ink”

One final preview before official work begins: This is my first attempt of a sunset with clouds overhead.  While the illustration is not photo-realistic, I think the composition is good (foreground = land, middle ground = water, background = sunset and clouds).  I am also pleased with how the colors are working together.

Preview II: “Ink”

Yes, another preview – and perhaps a few more before the official site is launched. I’m starting to develop a decent workflow using the Cintiq and am really enjoying the process.  This illustration shows that a few brushes and a condensed palette can work well in developing a final composition.

Recalibration III.

In my past post, I started to explore the concept of motivation and called attention to why being motivated isn’t always a good thing. In thinking about my personal and professional lives over the past decade – particularly as it relates to the concept of motivation – I’ve learned the concept of motivation cannot, and [...]

Contrast Ratio.

While the year is not yet over, 2009 has ultimately been a lesson in contrast.  In 2006 I went into a relationship with unique optimism, hope and love (marriage) to end up with feelings of terminal loss, distrust and despair (death).  Fortunately this experience has served as a catalyst to help me advance to a [...]

PLANESCAPE Generation 3: “Regeneration”

As mentioned briefly in the BIONIC post, I have been working fairly consistently on defining the next generation of PLANESCAPE, which I call “Regen”.  Over the next several posts, I will share the details behind this new approach as well as its multiple “advancement subsystems”.  I believe this new framework will allow even more intellectual [...]

My personal leadership philosophy

My personal leadership philosophy focuses on empowerment and setting people up for success. Empowerment means that a person has specific responsibility over a particular area or effort / project, and that everyone has a clear understanding of her/his role.  This latter piece plays a significant role in setting them up for success. In contrast, leveraging [...]

Why values are a key component for success.

Earlier this year, I came to a realization that I didn’t have a clear sense of where I was heading – both on a professional and perhaps personal level. After much research and thought, I realized that I did not have a solid understanding of my values, and because of this, my ability to make [...]